Best Place to Live in AmericaHere at the Lazy Acres adult community in Belton, we like to think that we live in a pretty great area. Fortunately, you don’t just have to take our word for it. It turns out that Kansas City has been ranked one of the best places to live in America. Who says so? Lots of people, and not just ones from around here. Forbes ranked KC in the top 5 places to live in America, while Bloomberg put KC at #15, and Travel + Leisure magazine ranked KC #3 in America’s Favorite Cities! (We only got beat out by Houston and Providence.) Fortunately, the Lazy Acres adult community in Belton is just a stone’s throw away from Kansas City, and we like to think that, by association, that makes us one of the best places to live, too.

So, what makes Kansas City so great? Where to even start? Kansas City has a great art scene, low cost of living, and some of the best shopping, culture, and, of course, dining in the country, with steaks, live jazz, and barbecue that are consistently picked as the best in the nation. Don’t believe us? CNN says that KC is one of the 12 Best Meat Cities in America!

Okay, so maybe claiming that Kansas City has the best steaks, jazz, and barbecue around isn’t too controversial. But most cultured? Well, we like to think so, and fortunately we’re not alone! It turns out that the Huffington Post listed KC as one of the 20 Most Cultured Cities in America, and Travel + Leisure Magazine ranked it as the #4 most cultured city (and #1 in affordability), thanks in part to our great art museums like the Nelson Atkins and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. KC was also in the Travel + Leisure top 5 for concerts, including performances at the Kauffman Center, concerts at the Sprint Center, and smaller venues all over town.

Life isn’t all music and barbecue, though (more’s the pity!), and KC has a lot more to offer, including being named the 2nd Best Beer City in America, as well as the 9th Best for Picnics. And why not? With an average of 36 acres of parks per 1,000 residents, there’s plenty of green space in the Metro Area.

In spite of all that exciting stuff to do, great nightlife, and world-class beer, KC is still #10 on Allstate‘s list of America’s Safest Cities for Drivers. It’s probably because everyone here is so naturally polite! If there was a list for cities on the most lists, then it seems like KC would be right at the top!

So if you haven’t already visited KC, what’s stopping you? And while you’re here, you should head just a stone’s throw over to check out Lazy Acres adult community in Belton and see how great it can be to live so close to one of the best cities in America. (But not so close you can’t find a parking spot.)

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