They say that change is the only constant, and these days that sure seems truer than ever before, doesn’t it? We’ve all had to cope with adjustments this year, some more than others! Millions of people choose to downsize and relocate every year. Sometimes it’s due to retirement; sometimes it’s just the right moment for a change. No matter why you’re doing it, downsizing and relocating means making a lot of big decisions, maybe the most significant being, “where should we choose to live?”

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to your choice of a new home base. You should consider the climate, the cost of living, the real estate market, the population density, opportunities for recreation and culture, the taxes, the food (one of the most important parts, just in our opinion!), the ease of getting around, access to health care, and regional charm—just to name a few!

Here at Lazy Acres in Belton, MO, we think that when it comes to senior living in Kansas City, we’re about as good as it gets. If you’ve been thinking about a move to the KC area, read on! We’ll tell you exactly why we think a move to the greater KC area is the right one for you!

Cost of Living. Belton, MO offers the benefits of living in the Kansas City area with a cost of living that’s over 20% lower than the national average. With a low population density, we’ve got affordable housing with good insurance rates!

The food. If you like dining out, KC is a “restaurant town,” with incredible establishments offering everything from international flavor to home-style cooking and of course, all that Kansas City-style BBQ!

Golf. If you like to golf, Kansas City has 74 courses to keep you busy.

Sports. If you like sports, Kansas has champion teams in three of the major professional sports leagues, including The Kansas City Royals baseball team, winners of the 1985 and 2015 World Series, the Kansas City Chiefs football team, winners of the 1969 and 2019 Super Bowls, and Sporting KC Soccer, two-time winners of the MLS Cup (2000, 2013).

The weather. All four seasons are well represented! We have cold winters, hot summers, and lovely springs and autumns bursting with seasonal color.

Drive a lot? The average commute into the KC metro area from the greater KC area is less than 25 minutes.

Health care. As far as health care goes, there’s no shortage of available health care centers. The KC area boasts the nation’s eighth highest number of hospitals and health care facilities, and is ranked seventh for public hospital quality.

If you’re relocating this year, we think the best place for it is the senior living community at Lazy Acres in Belton, MO. We’re huge fans of the pleasures of the Kansas City area, from the food (did we mention the food?) to the broad range of activities, but we’re even bigger fans of what we’ve got here at home. We know you’ll love it here at Lazy Acres! To learn more, give us a call at (816) 331-4886 or use our online contact form anytime!