Here in the Greater Kansas City area, we’re blessed to have the best of all four seasons. Our springs are beautiful. Our summers are nice and hot. Our autumns boast plenty of glorious color. But residents of Belton know that sometimes, our winters aren’t all crisp, glorious days where the landscape is always covered in a fresh blanket of fluffy snow. We do get plenty of that, but our winters can also be a bit gloomy. Not only do we have less sunshine than usual, but the temperatures can really plunge in January and February. Often, we find ourselves spending more time indoors than we’d prefer. That’s been especially true in recent months.

Since we can’t change the weather, we have to find ways to live with it. There are plenty of ways to beat the wintertime blues. If your creativity feels as frozen as the temperatures, let us help!

Get Outdoors. Don’t hate the cold. Learn to live with it! If you’ve relocated to a senior living community in Belton such as ours, you know winter’s going to come every year. Go ahead and invest in a nice winter coat. Those puffy ones are the warmest. Get smart-wool long underwear, flannel-lined pants, boots, and a fuzzy hat, and see if that doesn’t make a walk around the block or around one of our great parks seem a lot more feasible. Ladies and free-thinking gentlemen: You can even get down or PrimaLoft skirts to wear over thermal leggings!

Cook. Bake. Brew. Get your kitchen involved to beat those wintertime blues! Making a hearty stew, some homebrewed beer, a pan of brownies, or a nice warm loaf of sourdough bread will add a lot of warmth to your winter kitchen. Now that the holidays are over, people will be extra surprised and pleased if you choose to share a batch of baked goods!

Craft/Organize Away! Dreary winter afternoons are a perfect time to digitize your slides, finish up your scrapbook, or renovate your vintage ceramic Christmas tree. You might also consider finishing up that big effort to finally tidy up once and for all!

Get Cozy. Sleep in. Take naps. Don’t forget the power of a warm blanket and a cozy book to fall asleep while reading. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed. We promise.

Add Some Aroma to the Air. One of the most miserable things about winter is the dryness of the air. Modern humidifiers are inexpensive, easy to clean, and they make a huge difference. Consider getting one for your bedroom. You’ll sleep a lot better!

Catch Up with Friends and Family. If you’re longing for a good coffee and conversation with an old pal or a family member, chances are they are too. Set up a time to chat over Zoom or FaceTime. Hey, look on the bright side. This year you have two great excuses not to spend half an hour chipping ice off the windshield just for a coffee date: the weather and the need to social distance.

How do YOU beat the wintertime blues? Let us know on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you.

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