Cute Snow Dog Kansas CityLong-time residents of the Kansas City area are no strangers to chilly winters, but even for KC the temperatures lately have been somewhat startling, dipping into the single digits and even the negatives! With the mercury so low, it really is too cold to do much of anything outdoors. In fact, experts say that when the temperature is between 21 and 32 degrees, you should limit the time you spend outside to about 30 minutes. When the temperature drops below zero, as it has several times recently, exposed skin can quickly freeze and you’ll find yourself at risk for hypothermia in short order. That all sounds pretty unpleasant, right? There’s an upside, though. When the weather outside is frightful, there’s no better time to hunker down in your nice warm living room and spend some quality time indoors. Here are a few suggestions from your friends at the Lazy Acres senior living community in Belton, MO:

Movie marathons (and lots of ’em): When was the last time you watched all of the James Bond movies in a row? (With twenty-four films in the series and counting, that could occupy quite a few winter afternoons.) How about all the classic Disney cartoons? Abbott and Costello? The extended cuts of those Lord of the Rings movies? All the classic Universal monster flicks from the 1920s to the 1960s? (Who says it has to be October to enjoy a good fright?) There are also tons of great classic TV shows available on DVD or streaming, so you could always binge a bunch of episodes of some old favorite…

Explore your artistic side: Whatever that art project is that you’ve been putting off for months or years, winter is the perfect time to dive into it. Paint, draw, crochet, put together a scrapbook. Whether you’re an old hand that’s just a little out of practice or you’ve never picked up a brush before, it’s not only a great way to pass the time, it’s also a great way to learn a new skill, or brush up on an old one.

Bake up a storm: Nothing warms up the house like the smell of banana bread and ginger cookies on a cold winter day. But just remember that if you have resolved to lose a few pounds this year, you can bake up some of those delicious goodies and share them with your neighbors!

Catch up on correspondence: They say that nobody writes letters anymore, so why not prove ’em wrong? Get out that stationery and start a letter-writing campaign to all your friends. There are even letter-writing programs that you can get involved with where you send letters and postcards to pen pals you don’t even know all over the country or around the globe!

Brush up on your technology skills: Get a new iPhone or an Amazon Echo for Christmas? YouTube is a fantastic resource for answering any questions you may have about Pandora, Skype, iTunes, Twitter, Siri, Alexa, or anything else you may want to know about in this ever-changing world of ours.

Break out the board games: Hey, you can finally teach yourself to be a better chess player. Should only take a few months.

Get cleaning: No reason to put off spring cleaning until late June. Besides, if you’ve been busy with everything else we’ve listed in this article, you may have let your housekeeping suffer.

Just because you can’t necessarily go out doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do inside. The freezing weather shouldn’t last too long, not even here in Kansas City, and if you have an idea for how to beat the winter blues, it’s always better with company, so feel free to share with your neighbors at the Lazy Acres senior living community in Belton, MO. Not already a resident? You can learn more by giving us a call at (816) 331-4886 or filling out our online contact form!