Good Neighbors in Belton, MO Midwesterners are known for being pretty friendly people. While people on the coasts may think of Kansas and Missouri as “flyover states,” it’s known nationwide that they’re home to warm, friendly, genuine, and accommodating folks, by and large. In fact, it’s become something of a stereotype. And while folks here have occasional quarrels, as people would anywhere, we can almost always work it out with an honest apology and a casserole.

When it comes to friendly places to live, you can’t beat the Midwest, and the Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton, MO is one of the friendliest neighborhoods in the Kansas City area! We thought we might take a moment to celebrate good neighbors and point out a few of the telltale signs of a good neighbor in your community.

What makes a good neighbor?

  1. A good neighbor is friendly. Sure, maybe it goes without saying, but a good neighbor says “hello” when you pass by, they invite you in if you come to their door, and in general they make you feel welcome, wherever you are. Whether you’re in their living room or just passing them on the street, a good neighbor will make you feel right at home.
  2. A good neighbor is quiet. It’s one thing to smile at the neighbors, laugh at their jokes, and even invite them over for dinner, but if you’ve ever had a noisy neighbor, you know that no amount of friendliness offsets being woken up at 3:00 in the morning by loud music or shouting. Good neighbors respect the other neighbors around them.
  3. A good neighbor respects the neighborhood. Good neighbors are not only quiet and respectful of other people; they also have respect for the neighborhood. That may mean that they pick up any litter on their morning walk or that they keep their home and landscaping clean and beautiful. Good neighbors know that when their house looks good, the whole neighborhood looks good.
  4. A good neighbor asks permission. Maybe they’re having a lot of family over and need a few extra places to park. Before they let their third cousin park in front of your house—or even in your driveway!—they’ll ask if it’s okay. And, generally speaking, if it isn’t an inconvenience, most good neighbors will say “yes” in return.
  5. A good neighbor is there for you. We’re not quite all family, even here at Lazy Acres, but we can be pretty close. When you’re sick or having a tough time, a good neighbor is always there to lend a helping hand, bring you a casserole, or even run the occasional errand. If you’re going out of town, a good neighbor can keep an eye on your house, pick up your mail, and let you know if anything goes wrong. Of course, part of being a good neighbor is returning the favor from time to time.

If you want to spend your time around lots of good neighbors, there’s no better place to do it than at the Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton. To learn more—or just enjoy a friendly chat—give us a call at (816) 331-4886 or fill out our online contact form anytime!