It’s a little hard to believe, but Halloween is nearly here! For some people, Halloween is the best time of year. We all have that one “Halloween friend” or “Halloween neighbor” who goes all out with the black cats, ghosts, spider webs, and (of course) pumpkins. Maybe you’re that friend or neighbor to someone else! Regardless, here are a few fun Halloween facts to trot out as conversation topics when you’re out taking a socially distanced walk, enjoying the Halloween decorations that we’re seeing around our senior living community in Belton!

1. Did you know? Dressing up in fun, silly, or scary costumes and handing out treats is an ancient tradition. If people had to leave their homes after dark on Samhain or All Hallows’ Eve, dressing up was a way to fool the spirits of the dead. Ancient people would also place food offerings at the front door to appease the ghosts and keep them outside.

2. These days, the pumpkin is pretty much the symbol of Halloween, and a big part of the fun of Halloween is carving a Jack-o-Lantern! But gourds and squashes are unique to North America. When Europeans carved the very first Jack-o-Lanterns, they cut spooky faces into turnips.

3. Black cats are said to be bad luck, but anyone who’s ever had a black cat knows they’re just as sweet as orange, tabby, white, or gray ones! We can blame the Puritans for starting the tradition of mistrusting black cats. During early colonial times, the Puritans despised witchcraft, and a legend held that witches could turn into black cats.

4. What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Last year, kids rated candy corn as the worst Halloween candy, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as the best. We’re a big fan of Reese’s here at Lazy Acres, but we like candy corn too.

5. Celebrating Halloween (in a normal year) involves bobbing for apples, trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes, and eating candy. Have you ever wondered why? Our modern Halloween traditions can be traced back to a lady named Mrs. Elizabeth Krebs, a famous resident of Hiawatha, Kansas, a town that’s less than two hours from Belton! Mrs. Krebs hosted the first known Halloween party. Why? The story is a fun one! Mrs. Krebs became tired of youthful Halloween revelers wrecking her garden every year on Halloween. She used her own money to hold a Halloween party, complete with treats and costumes, to give the kids something to do. While people initially scoffed at her ideas, the party eventually became so popular that the Chamber of Commerce stepped in to help organize and sponsor the event!

This year is a strange one for all of us, but if you’re thinking of having trick-or-treaters stop by on Halloween night, check the local ordinances on how best to handle it. Some health experts are suggesting spacing candy out on a blanket so kids aren’t all reaching into the same bucket. You can stay well back and watch the fun!

Ladies and ghouls, there’s no better place to enjoy Halloween than at Lazy Acres in Belton. To learn more, give us a call anytime during the full moon at (816) 331-4886 or fill out our online contact form!