Did you have a pen pal as a child? Do you remember getting exciting things in the mail such as letters, postcards, your acceptances, your test scores? When so much became electronic, checking the mail wasn’t exciting anymore. We’d get junk mail, circulars, and envelopes marked URGENT that never were. Then, this year, the mail became a big deal! More often than not, we’d check the mail and find something important we’d ordered online to save ourselves a trip to the store.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, we can make one another’s daily walk to the mailbox even more exciting with holiday cards! Sending holiday cards is a tradition that has died down over the years. We used to get a ton of holiday cards, but then it became easier to send holiday greetings through email to save paper, time, and stamps. With many of us hunkering down for the holidays in 2020, however, a handwritten card can feel like a hug from a distant friend.

And cards aren’t only for Christmas. There are so many holidays between November and early January! You can send a card for Thanksgiving, for Hanukkah, for New Years, for Kwanzaa, for Three King’s Day, for Krampusnacht, or for Winter Solstice. Pick a nice big card so you can tell people how you’re doing. People want to know!

If it has been a while since you’ve sent cards, here are a few things to consider. People like to keep cards for a bit, so if you’re picking out individual cards, try to think of what would look nice on their mantle or bookshelf. If you’re buying in bulk, look for cards with fun and festive themes that will bring a jolly touch to any household. Adding a photo along with a note is a great, especially this year, when you may not have seen someone’s face for a while! And you can add a bit more cheer with a gift card, if you’re gifting this year. Gift cards have a bad rap for being “impersonal,” but this year, no one wants to go back to the store to exchange gifts. A gift card is a great way to let people pick things out for themselves, and most of them can be used online, too!

Maybe you want to make your own cards as a DIY project. You can get everything you need online, including stamps. Websites like Shutterfly, VistaPrint, Target, and Amazon have everything you need to make cards with pictures, glitter, bows, paint, or anything your heart desires!

Make sure your address list contains a combination of old friends and new. Include anybody! Your list will include family members, of course, but don’t forget the people who perform personal services for you as well as your neighbors! Since it’s harder to just drop in on your friends in your senior living community in Belton, dropping off a card is a great way to say hi for the holidays.

We may be connected via social media these days, but a Facebook post is never as exciting as a card. Set aside a morning or two, queue up some fun holiday music or a Hallmark movie, and get writing!

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