Spring Cleaning in BeltonWhen we think of spring cleaning, we tend to think of it as an indoor activity. Switching out your winter wardrobe for summer clothes, cleaning out the garage, getting everything spick and span in preparation for warmer weather. But here at the Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton, we like to think that spring cleaning extends to the outdoors as well!

This year we’ve had a particularly windy winter in Belton, which means that there’s more than the usual amount of debris scattered around. With spring on the way, our residents like to get out and enjoy the neighborhood, and one great way to do that is to volunteer for debris cleanup in your community. Helping to pick up litter and other debris is a great way to greet the spring, get some exercise, and really make a difference where you live!

We’re fortunate to have a beautiful neighborhood here at the Lazy Acres adult community in Belton, and all of our residents do a great job of keeping the area clean, especially on trash pick-up days when it’s windy out and trash containers are in danger of blowing over. All it takes is a little effort to grab anything that you see blowing around the yard or down the street, but it makes a huge impact when the whole community is participating.

Here at Lazy Acres, our residents take pride in helping to keep their neighborhood clean, but a community is more than just a neighborhood. We can extend this same civic-minded spirit to our whole town! When you’re out enjoying the weather by taking a walk in the park, take the extra time to stop and pick up any litter than you happen to see blowing around. After all, we have such wonderful parks here in Belton, including Cimarron Trails Park, Cleveland Lake Park, Country View Park, Markey Park, Memorial Park, Smoot Peace Park, Somerset Park, and Wallace Park, and it doesn’t take much work to keep them clean when everyone is working together. Just take a small plastic litter bag or two along with you the next time you take a stroll, and you can help take care of our community while you enjoy all the beauty that it has to offer.

If you are a member of a group such as the Belton Knights of Columbus, Lions Club, Masons, or American Legion, and you want to make a bigger contribution, you can call 816-331-9455 for the Belton, Missouri Street Dept. and talk to any of the fine folks there about adopting a street for cleanup. It’s a really popular thing to do this time of year, but we hear they still have a few streets left!

If you’re the kind of person who wants to live in a community where everyone pitches in and takes pride in their neighborhood, then you’re just the kind of person that Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton, MO was made for! Give us a call during regular business hours at (816) 331-4886 or drop us a line anytime via our online contact form to learn more about us or find out how you can join the community today!