Halloween pumpkin Kansas CityAny city that’s been around as long as Kansas City is bound to attract a few ghost stories, especially when you also factor in the gruesome history surrounding the area during the Civil War, and the gangsters that called Kansas City home during prohibition. After all, the front walls of Union Station still bear bullet holes from the Union Station massacre of 1933, in which a gang of criminals opened fire on law enforcement officers in an attempt to free Frank Nash, a federal prisoner who was also killed in the shootout.

Throughout the Metro Area, you can find plenty of spooky locales that have become a part of local history and legend, from the infamous Sauer Castle to the Hotel Savoy and the Belvoir Winery. While some folks believe that these places truly are haunted, others are not so sure—but either way, the eerie history of Kansas City makes for some great destinations during the Halloween season.

  • The John Wornall House at 6115 Wornall Road was just a few blocks from the site of the historic Battle of Westport, and the house became a medical hub for wounded soldiers. Visitors to the house and grounds have reported seeing ghostly soldiers patrolling the area, as well as picking up the phantom smell of pipe tobacco. During the month of October the Wornall Majors House Museums offers ghost tours to take you through the house’s history—both spectral and otherwise.
  • The Belvoir Winery, located in the old Odd Fellows Lodge in Liberty, Missouri is home to a variety of tales of disembodied voices and doors opening and closing by themselves. In October, the Winery hosts public paranormal investigations which tend to sell out quickly, as well as Halloween parties and free screenings of scary movies on the lawn. Even if you aren’t interested in its haunted history, the Winery makes for a striking event venue, and a great place to sample some local wine.
  • The Elms Hotel and Spa suffered a devastating fire just ten years after it was first constructed in 1888 in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, providing the proverbial spark for some of the historical hotel’s ghostly tales. Others include famous gangsters who stayed there during its heyday, including Al Capone and “Pretty Boy” Floyd. The Elms doesn’t currently offer ghost tours, but they do offer a world-class spa destination, and who knows, you just might bump into the ghost of a gangster, gambler, or housekeeper in the halls!
  • One of Kansas City’s most striking and supposedly most haunted locations sadly still stands empty today, cordoned off from the road by a chain-link fence and no-trespassing signs. But it’s still worth it to take a short drive up to Sauer Castle, located at 935 Shawnee Road in Kansas City, Kansas. Even if you don’t spy a spectral couple dancing in the castle’s tall tower, you’ll still get a glimpse of a marvel of local architecture and history.

Those are just a few of the historical, haunting… and just maybe haunted locations to be found within a short drive of the Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton. In fact, just a few short miles away you can find the Longview Mansion, where, they say, the ghost of Loula Long-Combs, a renowned equestrian and daughter of lumber millionaire Robert A. Long, can sometimes be seen riding her horse across the lawn.

While the Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton, MO may be just a short drive from all of these haunting attractions, we’ve never had a single ghost sighting in all our years here on the property. So once you return home from hunting specters, you’ll be perfectly safe and sound from ghouls and ghosts at Lazy Acres, even on Halloween!

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