Be a Good Neighbor in 2016 Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton, MO is already home to some of the friendliest people around, so maybe this blog should actually be titled “Resolve to Continue to Be a Good Neighbor in 2016.” But, the truth is, there are always ways you can take your neighborliness up to the next level. As a community that’s well known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, we’ve got a few tips to help you get to know your neighbors even better in the coming year!

Maybe one of the best ways to get to know the people around you better is simply to Reach Out. It’s easy for us to get caught up in our own lives and go through the day without ever seeing or speaking to the people next door, but it’s surprising how big a difference even a small gesture can make in someone’s life. Offer your neighbors a ride to the store, or some help in cooking up something for a dinner party. Even something as simple as offering to pick up their newspaper from the driveway while they’re away on a trip can be a huge help.

Another good way to reach out is to Invite Your Neighbors to Parties or other get-togethers. Whether it’s just a few people over for dinner or a picnic, or a night out on the town, asking your neighbors along can be a great way to become closer. What’s more, at the Lazy Acres adult living community, there are plenty of community social events where you can mingle with your neighbors, including monthly pot-luck dinners, as well as games of cards and billiards in our private clubhouse.

Part of being a good neighbor is tending to your own garden, too, so it’s important to Keep Your Yard Tidy. Lazy Acres adult living community is a beautiful neighborhood, and that doesn’t happen by accident. It’s only possible when everyone living here commits to doing their part! Fortunately, our residents love the freedom and self-expression that comes with adding little landscaping touches to their yards.

Part of helping to take care of your neighborhood is to Be Aware of Your Surroundings and those of your neighbors. After all, good neighbors look out for each other. You may notice if your neighbor’s dog gets loose, or their newspapers are piling up, or if there’s a notice or a package on their doorstep that they haven’t seen. And who among us hasn’t, at one time or another, accidentally left the front door wide open, or our keys in the lock? Knowing that we have neighbors we can count on to watch out for us lets us have peace of mind so that we can enjoy our lives and our homes every day.

So whether you’re already a resident of the Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton, or you’re ready to become a part of our vibrant, friendly neighborhood, you can give us a call during regular business hours at (816) 331-4886 or contact us anytime via our online contact form and join us in resolving to continue to be a great neighbors in 2016 and beyond!