Doctors agree: Spending a little time outdoors each and every day can lead to all kinds of health and wellness benefits. A daily walk is a great way to get in some fresh air! Here in the greater Kansas City area, we have pleasant weather most of the year as well as numerous opportunities to explore the great outdoors and be physically active. Now that the weather is warming up, all of us here at your friendly senior living community in Belton have been thinking about the outdoor activities we’re looking forward to. Read on, and maybe you’ll spy something you might not have considered but should definitely try this spring and summer!

Fruit picking. There are a number of great local orchards and farms around KC. Living in the Midwest means we have great produce! Why not take the whole family for a fruit-picking “pick-nic.” Afterward, you can bake pies!

Hit the courts. You’re never too old to take up a new sport! There are plenty of low-impact sports that are fun for all ages and fun to play outside. Think about golf. Even miniature golf counts! There’s cornhole and tennis and horseshoes and croquet, too. Bocce ball? Why not!

Swimming. Once the pools are open, go take a dip. Did you know that swimming is one of the healthiest activities you can do? Swimming is a low-impact, full-body workout. You’ll get your heart rate up, but you won’t get overheated. Plus, most swimmers say there’s no better way to clear your mind!

Be shutterbug. Given how amazing the camera is on your average smartphone these days, photography is a fun and easy activity that will get you outside and thinking about the beauty of the world.

Reading. Dining isn’t the only thing you can do al fresco! Get a good book, a chair, a few drinks in a cooler and some cut fruit to snack on and you have a great afternoon ahead of you.

Bird watching. A recent study said birds make people happier than money. That may or may not be true, but birdwatching is a great excuse to buy a great set of binoculars! We have wonderful birding here in the Kansas City area. Take advantage of it!

Outdoor craft shows/flea markets. Outdoor craft shows and flea markets can be a fun way to spend a morning outdoors and get your steps in! Plus, you never know what new treasure you’ll find.

Go see an outdoor show. Did you miss music and theatre last year? We sure did! Thankfully with new vaccines and a better understanding of how to mitigate risk, we’ll be able to get back to some great outdoor performances this summer!

This spring and summer, no matter what outdoor areas tickle your fancy, make sure you’re immunized, grab your sunscreen, dress for the weather, and take plenty of snacks, water, and your cell phone with you. Bring along a friend and double your fun!

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