The new year is a traditional time to think about goals and aspirations. It’s a time for looking back and looking ahead, for thinking about what we achieved over the last year and what we want for the next one. Over the next few weeks, we’ll inevitably see a lot of diet advertisements, since losing weight is usually a big New Year’s goal. But after the year we’ve all had, maybe 2021 needs to be the year we only set fun goals for ourselves. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vow to try and live a healthier lifestyle. We could all use a little extra health and well-being these days in our ongoing quest to stay well and keep the important people in our life safe: friends, family, and our neighbors in our senior living community in Belton! But with the new year looming, what if we thought about all the stuff we didn’t get to do this year and made those things our goals?

See something new. The start of 2021 probably will look a lot like 2020, with sensible restrictions in place to keep us all safe. But you can still get out and go someplace in KC you’ve never been before!Bundle up to safely visit a new park or trail you’ve never seen. When the weather warms a little, you can play a new golf course! And of course, you can always take a nice drive to a new area to see the sights.

Eat something new. Get a fancy cookbook until indoor dining is safer, or order takeout from a restaurant offering a cuisine you’ve never tried!

Learn something new. Get a nonfiction book about a time period or a place you’re curious about or go on a fantastic adventure with some fiction!

Effective stress management. Taking some time away from the news isn’t a bad idea after 2020. Setting a new rule like “no screens before 9 AM or after 9 PM” or taking a daily walk away from your phone could make a big difference. Maybe you could turn off the news after 30 minutes or subscribe to a reputable newspaper so you can get your news in small doses and ad free! However you manage it, it’s important to get away.

Splurge on something. Using your travel or dining-out dollars for something you might not otherwise feel justified in purchasing can be a nice way to stay balanced until the world is back to normal. Treat yourself to a nicer TV, a surround-sound system, or maybe a nice new chair. Creature comforts matter!

Prioritize sleep. If you read before bedtime, keep it positive and fun. If you watch TV before bed, make it comedy. Turn off your phone. No “doomscrolling,” politics, or social media, please!

Last year had its disappointments, but fun goals and managed expectations will help make 2021 better! Got ideas to share? Post them to our Facebook page!

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