Beat the Summer Heat in Kansas City It’s been an unusually warm spring in the Kansas City area—in fact, the weather folks say that we had the second hottest May on record—and there’s no reason to assume that the weather is going to cool off any as we head into the summer months. How do we keep cool in KC this summer? At the Lazy Acres senior living community in Belton, MO, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you beat the heat:

  1. Go on an ice cream shop tour. We recently posted about some of the best ice cream shops in the Kansas City area, so why not grab the list, pull up a map, and take a tour of all the best ice cream in town? After all, who says you can’t have ice cream multiple times in a single day? (Besides your doctor, your dentist, and probably your family.) Live a little!
  2. Get yourself a “Chillow.” Never heard of a Chillow? You can pick one up on It’s exactly what it sounds like: a special kind of pillow that you can put in the refrigerator or freezer so that it’s nice and cool come bedtime!
  3. Unplug. It may not seem like much, but electronic devices such as computers, TVs, and even lights generate heat just by running. You can help keep your home cool by turning off the computer or setting it to go into low power or sleep mode when you’re not using it, not to mention keeping the TV off when you’re not watching and shutting off lights when you don’t need them. Besides, isn’t it about time you logged off and took a trip to the library anyway?
  4. Turn off the heat dry function on your dishwasher. Not only does the heat dry function on your dishwasher create excess heat, it also generates added humidity in the form of steam, which can make your whole house feel a lot hotter. Instead, just open the dishwasher after the cycle has completed and let your dishes air dry.
  5. Cook up something spicy. This may seem counterintuitive but hear us out. Believe it or not, eating spicy foods can actually increase your circulation and make you sweat, all without actually raising your body temperature. As that perspiration begins to evaporate, you’ll feel cooler, rather than warmer. So make your favorite spicy dish this summer and give it a try!
  6. Create a “cool” state of mind. If you read books or watch movies, try putting on something that conjures up a wintry state of mind. It may sound like trickery, but watching Fargo (1996), Winter’s Bone (2010), March of the Penguins (2005), Doctor Zhivago (1965), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), pretty much any Christmas movie, or even Howard Hawks’ The Thing from Another World (1951) can help you think cool thoughts this summer. You might even find yourself wanting a mug of hot chocolate.

In the end, there’s no better way to keep your cool this summer than to hang out at the coolest place to live in the Kansas City area. We think that’s the Lazy Acres senior living community in Belton, MO. To learn more or reserve your spot today, give us a call at (816) 331-4886 or fill out our online contact form!