sonjachnyj welcome spring flowersIt’s been a long and snowy winter here in the Greater Kansas City area. In fact, we had the earliest measurable snowfall in 120 years on October 15! It’s no wonder most of us feel like we’ve been cooped up since mid-autumn. Fortunately, spring officially begins on March 20, so we can all say a hearty “good riddance” to winter!

With the weather warming up, you’ll finally have a chance to get outside and give yourself a much-needed tune-up. Here are a few ways that you can shake off the winter blues and rejuvenate your mind and body this spring, from your friends at the Lazy Acres senior living community in Belton, MO!

Take a Walk – Walking is great exercise and a perfect way to enjoy the spring weather and your beautiful neighborhood! Just remember to wear layers, as the spring weather in Kansas City can be a bit unpredictable. Want to do a good deed while getting in your steps for the day? You can even seek out a charity walkathon to support a good cause!

Take Up Bicycling – Feel like walking isn’t getting you anywhere fast? Air up the bike tires and hit the paths. There are plenty of great bike trails around Belton, MO; just keep an eye out for pedestrians and be sure to bring along some water!

Get Outside and Do Some Gardening – Those garden gloves you got for Christmas aren’t going to get dirty all by themselves. Besides, maintaining your own garden will give you an excuse to go out to all the garden shows and garden centers around the Kansas City area.

Play Golf, Tennis, or Whatever You Want – There are plenty of golfers and tennis players in the Lazy Acres senior living community in Belton, so pick a few partners and make a plan to hit the links or the courts this spring.

Do Something Completely Different – You can volunteer on a community cleanup, organize a family day at the park, attend an exercise or water fitness class at the YMCA, take up yoga, or join a local gym or wellness center for a little aerobic activity or strength training. You name it; there’s plenty to do in Belton and around the Kansas City area, so whatever your interests, there’s bound to be some way that you can take them outside this spring.

Whatever you do, it’s important to start slowly and always listen to your body—and to your primary care physician! Even when the sun is out, the birds are singing, and flowers are in bloom, weather in the Kansas City area can be unpredictable at best, so dress for the weather that’s coming, watch for signs of allergies, take along some snacks, and drink plenty of water. And most important of all, have a good time!

Looking for the perfect place to enjoy spring—and every other season—in Belton, Missouri? Look no further than the senior living community at Lazy Acres! Just give us a call at (816) 331-4886 or fill out our online contact form anytime!