Flower BookYeah, okay, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for “fun in the sun” in Belton, Missouri right now. When winter weather hits the Kansas City area, it can hit hard, and we’re in for some pretty frigid temperatures this winter. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun in the sun in our own homes, hearts, and heads to help us get through the long, cold months here in Belton, and a good place to start is with some books that remind us of summertime and warmer weather!

Easy-to-read coffee table books with big, full-color pictures are a great way to capture the mood of a season and bring it to even the dreariest winter evening. Whatever your favorite part of summer is, chances are there are some great books that cover it in depth and can help you to bring the best parts of summer to the coldest days of winter. Here are a few suggestions from your friends at the Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton:

  • Check out some books on island getaways or travel to exotic destinations. Even if you can’t take a trip to a tropical paradise this winter, that doesn’t mean that you can’t kick back with a book that’ll help to transport you there, at least for a while.
  • Want to lounge on the beach? The next best thing might be to pick up a book on sandcastles, or a photo book containing some of the most stunning beaches around. You can even simulate that lazy beach afternoon feel by picking up some good “beach reading” like the latest bestselling mystery novel.
  • Your summertime experience doesn’t have to stay trapped between the pages of a book, either. Pick up a Hawaiian barbecue cookbook or a guide to tropical cocktails, and you can host your own personal tropical-themed gathering at your home in the Lazy Acres adult living community in Belton. It’s a great way to share summer with your friends and neighbors, even in the dead of winter!
  • Miss getting in a round of golf? Books on some of your favorite warm weather sports and activities can help tide you over until summer is here again. From golf to surfing to cruising classic cars up and down the coast, whatever your idea of fun in the sun is, there are plenty of ways to find it in the pages of a good book.

All these books and plenty more that can help keep your outlook warm and bright even while the nights are cold and dark can be found at your local library—so pick up a dozen, and maybe even share them with neighbors and friends who could use an uplifting read! Staying warm and positive during the dark winter months isn’t always easy to do, but it starts in our hearts and in our heads, and one way to help boost our spirits is to read about the things that bring us joy.

Another way to stay positive during the long winter months is to surround yourself with friendly, like-minded people—and there’s no friendlier adult living community around than Lazy Acres in Belton! To learn more, give us a call anytime during our regular business hours at (816) 331-4886 or fill out our online contact form anytime!