Self-Storage Units Belton MOWe’ve talked before about how you can downsize your home after retirement. Maybe you’re thinking of moving to an Kansas City area adult living community, or just want a little less space to take care of. The thing is, when you move into a smaller home, that inevitably leads to needing a place to put all your stuff. We all tend to acquire a lot of different things over our lifetimes, and it’s not always stuff that we’re willing to part with just because we’ve moved to a smaller place. Some of it may be heirlooms that we’re planning to pass down, or collections or mementos that mean too much to us to let them go. Whatever they are, they take up space, and after a while, even if you don’t move into a smaller house, space starts to run out.

No worries, though—that’s where self-storage comes in! Whether you’re moving into an adult living community in Belton, or just looking to free up some space in your current home, secure self-storage can provide a safe, reliable, and convenient solution that lets you keep your stuff without having to worry about tripping over it all the time. There are a number of reputable self-storage facilities around the Belton area that will offer you excellent security and 24/7 accessibility, not to mention giving you access to climate controlled self-storage for antiques, artwork, furniture, and anything else that could be damaged by shifts in temperature or humidity. (After all, the weather here in Missouri is nothing if not unpredictable.)

If you’re planning to take advantage of self-storage to help keep some of your stuff, you’ll want to pack smaller items into boxes—try to keep like items together as much as possible, so that they’ll be easier to retrieve later—and make sure that you label boxes clearly so you know what’s inside. Also, when you’re putting everything into your self-storage unit, make an inventory and maybe even a map that you keep posted near the door, so that when you need something—or send the kids down to pick something up for you—it’s easy to get find. And, of course, leave clear aisles and space between rows of boxes in your storage unit to let your stuff breathe and give you space to move around.

Planning your move to an adult living community here in Belton and want to take advantage of self-storage? Here are a few of the self-storage providers that are right here in town:

  • Budget Self Storage at 128 E Hargis St. Phone (816) 318-7867
  • Central Self Storage at 715 N Scott Ave. Phone (816) 318-1830
  • Public Storage at 15505 S Outer Rd. Phone (816) 318-7269
  • U-Stor Belton at 16241 US-71. Phone (816) 318-1110

Any of these self-storage providers will keep your stuff safe and secure, but it’s also a good idea to take out insurance, just in case. Even the best security can’t do anything about natural disasters like floods or tornadoes. And of course, if you’re ready to transition into an adult living community in Belton or just want to find out more, you can call Lazy Acres anytime during our regular business hours at (816) 331-4886 or fill out our online contact form day or night!