Spring is a lovely time of year in the greater Kansas City area. The weather is finally warming up, the trees are leafing out, flowers are popping, the birds are chirping. This year, however, it’s a lot harder to get out and about and enjoy those things that KC has to offer.

Right now, most of us are hunkering down and sticking close to home to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe, and that’s no easy task when the weather is lovely and all we want to do is get out and about. A walk once a day is a fine thing, even during these strange times, but that may not be enough to keep some of us from going a little stir crazy! Sure, streaming services are great as a distraction, but there’s only so much Netflix anyone can watch. When you get a little antsy and need a change of pace, why not check out these live cams? Live cams are a great way to experience a trip to the zoo, the aquarium, or amazing sites around the world from the safety of your senior living community in Belton.

First, make a virtual visit to a place you’ve probably visited many times in person: The Kansas City Zoo! The Kansas City Zoo live Animal Cams are our absolute favorite. Since 1907, the Kansas City Zoo has amazed the greater KC area with its exhibits, and now, in 2020, it’s continuing to do so online! Check out the link, where you can find live cams of some of the most amazing animals in the zoo: the Masai giraffe, the Asian small-clawed otter, the king penguin, and the Bornean orangutan. Take a whole trip to the zoo from your laptop or tablet!

If you’re a fan of zoos, you can’t go wrong checking the Live Cams from the San Diego Zoo. Bird enthusiasts will be excited to watch the condors and the burrowing owls, and who wouldn’t want to watch tigers and elephants? And even though they have returned to China, you can still watch footage recorded last year of pandas Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu.

You don’t have to stick to viewing land animals if you want to go on a safari from home. Aquariums also have live cams that you can enjoy. Two of the best aquariums in North America have hugely entertaining live cams: the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Vancouver Aquarium.

You can also view animals in their natural habitats. If you’re feeling cooped up, check out some animals that are wild and free. You can watch the Brooks Falls Brown Bears on a cam that’s streaming from Katmai National Park, Alaska. You can also check out the Africam and live wild animals in the amazing African bush. There’s also the EarthCam, where you can select from hundreds of live cams around the globe.

And if animals aren’t your thing, you can watch the live cam from the International Space Station or the live Costa Rica volcano cam pointed at the Arenal Volcano.

There are only a handful of the amazing live cams available today. Is your favorite missing? Share it with the Lazy Acres community! We’d love to know.

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